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Full-Face Mask

A full-face diving mask seals the diver’s face from the water and has a second stage regulator built into the mask for underwater breathing. i Divers who have upper extremity impairments or have other medical conditions that may affect their ability to timely, proficiently and independently clear their mask or regulator, or otherwise maintain their regulator in their mouth should strongly consider the use of a full-face mask. Using one will greatly enhance the margin of safety and reduce the enhanced risk of water aspiration and drowning for such divers. Diveheart, an adaptive scuba training agency, makes full-face mask usage mandatory for divers with such disabilities. All full-face mask models have adjustable mechanisms to occlude nasal airflow enabling the diver and/or his support team to perform Valsalva for equalization.

Special Features: Resistant to flooding, fogging and dislodgement. Most full-face masks are designed with quick-release mask removal straps; and quick disconnect low inflator hoses to be exchanged with support diver’s extra low inflator hose for out of air emergencies. Special training is required for the adaptive diver and his support diver for proper usage.

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